Using the Civil Rights Review Tool

This tool is designed to achieve two goals: to provide information for community colleges regarding the requirements of civil rights legislation, and to aid colleges as they prepare for an on-site review or self-assessment.

A key element of this tool is the Civil Rights Self-Assessment Form.  This form can be downloaded or printed in order for colleges to review their Civil Rights policies confidentially.

The tool is divided into two sections:  The standards section, designed to aid colleges in filling out the self-assessment form, and an on-site review process quick reference, designed to assist colleges in compiling the data necessary for an onsite review.  The standards section includes a review of the four major civil rights laws: the Civil Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Title IX,  and Americans with Disabilities Act.  Additionally, it provides an explanation of the standards by which you will assess your college’s programs using the civil rights review self-assessment form and questions to help you complete the form.  The Quick Reference menu links to examples of items that need to be reviewed, samples of duties or responsibilities required by the civil rights legislation, suggested documentation that can be provided to demonstrate compliance in the event of an onsite review, and additional resources to help colleges prepare for upcoming reviews.

Directions for Use of the Standards Section:

Step 1:  Download the form (doc).  You will need this in order to record your responses.

Step 2:  Answer questions listed in the Standards section.  Record your answers on the Response Form.

Step 3:  Obtain additional information to assist you in answering questions from the Resources and Legislative Resources sections.

Step 4:  Save and print your answers on the Response Form.

Overview of the Quick Reference Section:

The Quick Reference section is especially useful for college preparing document packets to be submitted to ICCB prior to the on-site review.  The Quick Reference menu is divided into sections and subsections related to different areas the ICCB is required to review during the onsite review process.  It provides information on legislative requirements, relevant definitions of terms, breakdowns of duties, examples of evidence that can be supplied for proof of compliance, checklists for self-review, and other useful resources to prepare the college for the review process.  Colleges selected for review are encouraged to make use of the Quick Reference tool to better understand expectations and applications of the federal guidelines.


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