Quick Reference: Program Access and Admission

Items bolded and italicized are drawn from the Illinois Community College Board Exhibit List.

Program Recruitment


What documentation can be used to indicate compliance with this standard?

  • A brochure or information showing the District’s recruitment procedures and activities
  • Recruitment plans and description of recruitment activities
  • Recruitment and promotional brochures/marketing materials, including flyers and newspaper advertising
  • List of recruitment/promotional activities and sites
  • Course catalog
  • Recruitment team demographics and staff demographics
  • Plan for determining primary languages of the community
  • Samples of recruitment materials in other languages
  • Samples of materials in other formats

Supplemental Information

What are some sample recruitment practices?

Information about all CTE programs at Pleasant Valley Community College is available on the web site. Translation into Spanish can be selected on the web site. In addition, Pleasant Valley Community College catalogs and course offerings are available in local establishments (e.g. grocery stores, etc.) frequented by the underrepresented groups significant in the District demographic. The Pleasant Valley Community College web site is accessible for individuals with disabilities.

What are some alternative forms of recruitment materials? Sample:

Pleasant Valley Community College makes recruitment materials in Braille, large print, audio, and computer-enhanced large print available.

Where are these alternative forms of recruitment materials available? Sample:

Alternative formats of recruitment materials are available at the Office of Disabilities Coordinator, Information Desk, Counseling Department, and the Admissions Office.


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