Quick Reference: Program Access and Admission

Items bolded and italicized are drawn from the Illinois Community College Board Exhibit List.


Accessibility of Programs and Facilities

Accessible Facilities


What documentation can be used to indicate compliance with this standard?

  Documents concerning facilities

  • Date each building was originally construction
  • Date each building was most recently renovated
  • Maps showing location of modified vocational facilities
  • Maps showing location of CTE facilities
  • Enrollment demographics for each facility
  • Demographics of communities surrounding the facilities
  • Student demographics before and after facility modification
  • Blueprints and building plans
  • Renovation schedules
  • Maintenance records
  • Work orders or contracts indicating construction start dates
  • Location and description of separate facilities for students with disabilities
  • Location and description of accessible facilities in which public events are held (e.g. graduation exercises, plays)

   Documents concerning students with disabilities

A description of the arrangements that have been made or changes needed to make career and technical education programs accessible to individuals with disabilities

  • A description of any special courses, programs, schools, or other services provided by the district for pregnant students.
  • Example(s) of equipment adapted
  • List of programs in which disabled students have been denied access
  • Procedures for determining need
  • Lists of programs and services offered to both students with disabilities and students without disabilities
  • Description of policy for providing aids and services
  • Description of aids and services available/provided/denied
  • List of materials/resources available for seeing or hearing impaired
  • Number of disabled students denied admission
  • Student handbook
  • Policies governing use of guide dogs, tape recorders, and note takers
  • Records or equipment schedules for the provision of auxiliary aids and services to students with disabilities
  • Number of disabled students in various courses and programs
  • Programs in which essential requirements or licensing requirements have prevented access
  • List of modifications by program
  • Lists of modifications to tests or test administration
  • Location of accessible testing facility and adequacy of sound and lighting systems
  • Board policy on accessibility of programs, services, and activities for students with disabilities
  • Assignment of instructional aides
  • Data on participation in clubs/extracurricular activities by individuals with disabilities

Supplemental Information

The accessibility standards are determined by the date the facility was constructed or last renovated by the institution.

  • Existing facilities: construction or alteration initiated before 6/4/77 – Readily Accessible Standard
  • New construction: construction or alteration initiated between 6/4/77 and 1/17/91 – ANSI A117, 1-1961 (R 197)
  • New construction: construction or alteration initiated on or after 1/18/91 – 1/27/92 –UFAS
  • New construction: construction on or after 1/28/92 – ADA AG or UFAS
  • New construction: construction on or after 3/15/2012 – 2010 ADA

New or existing?

Under Section 504, all construction since June 1977 is new.
Under Title II, construction that began after January 26, 1992 is new.
Between these dates, the standard of new construction under Section 504
always applies.

Accessible Programs

Accessibility of Online communication, documents, and resources.

As the internet continues to reshape the landscape of education, it is a college’s duty to ensure that all information provided in an electronic format is accessible to all students.  The following are guidelines and resources to help you judge online accessibility and produce accessible online communications.

The current legislative standards for online accessibility are outlined in the Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  That information can be found here:

The World Wide Web Consortium document referenced in the 508 standards provides more specificity on providing the greatest accessibility and can be found here:


Additional information concerning resources for English Language Learners

Additional resources concerning resources for students with disabilities

Additional information concerning access to facilities from Guidelines for Vocational Education in Sections C, D, E, F, G, H

Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS)

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities

Additional resources concerning resources for deaf students

Questions that may be raised by Proposition 227 (Limited English Proficiency)

Memos from OCR concerning services based on national origin

Achieving Diversity: Race-Neutral Alternatives In American Education

Protecting Students with Disabilities: Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities

Questions frequently received by OCR concerning discrimination

Information and Technical Assistance on Americans with Disabilities Act (including 2010 Standards)

How to produce and test 508 complaint electronic documents of various formats

Top Ten Things to Know About Web Accessibility Document

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