Guidelines for Vocational Education Programs

IV. Access and Admission of Students to Vocational Education Programs

(L) Eligibility of National Origin Minority Persons with Limited English Language Skills. Recipients may not restrict an applicant’s admission to vocational education programs because the applicant, as a member of a national origin minority with limited English language skills, cannot participate in and benefit from vocational instruction to the same extent as a student whose primary language is English. It is the responsibility of the recipient to identify such applicants and assess their ability to participate in vocational instruction. Acceptable methods of identification include:

(1) identification by administrative staff, teachers, or parents of secondary level students;

(2) identification by the student in post-secondary or adult programs; and

(3) appropriate diagnostic procedures, if necessary. Recipients must take steps to open all vocational programs to these national origin minority students.

A recipient must demonstrate that a concentration of students with limited English language skills in one or a few programs is not the result of discriminatory limitations upon the opportunities available to such students.

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